Sguardi Incrociati "Intersection of Vision"



Gambettla presso Centro Artigianale "La Fabbrica", ITALY 2003

This place is in front of a small town's station about an hour and half by car from Bologna, Italy.

This is an opening event of the Italian designer Mr. Angelo Gratti's Studio; Art, Space, and Home. He spent 12 years re-designing the cement factory that he bought in 1991. It is almost as large as a Japanese primary school. On the outside, steel machine parts that were used when the building was a factory are presented as a sculpture.

Thirty artists coordinated with this event, and then the place became new salon.

Travel is easy in this small town. There is a church in the center, and a plaza is in front of it just like you see in Italian movies. The boulevard to the station was colored by sycamores in late Autumn. The historical textile studio that Federico Fellini used in his movie is nearby. I saw the printing block that is still in use from the Middle Ages.