EXPO 2005 Love-Earth Exhibition, Citizens of the Earth Village #1



Nagakute, Nagoya 2005

The Citizens of the Earth Village is located in the south-west part of the Expo field. The foundation "Tampopo's House", participated during September, which is the final month, they decided to use flags for the exhibition.

The village consisted of five bamboo-built booths spiraling out from the center. I put together the images of the Sun, Moon, Fire, Water, and Earth because of what they symbolize, the five parts of the universe. I put them on wing-shaped flags on 10m-high pieces of green bamboo in each booth.

It was a hardship for the field staff because a typhoon came. However, the flags were greatly effective and attracted many people. On the final day, 30 groups made team flags and paraded with them. That brought everything to a successful conclusion.